Little Dragons

Kids 6 and under Martial arts Class.

Little Dragons life skills include valuable pre-school lessons such as confidence, courtesy, respect, and self-discipline. Children develop and enhance these life skills as they grow as individuals and advance in our program.

Juniors/ Karate Kids

Kids Ages 6-12

Increases Self-Esteem and Confidence:  When a child masters a new skill or move it will boost their confidence and gives them a real sense of achievement. 

Self-Discipline:  Martial arts will help to teach children the art of self-discipline. .

Respect:  Sometimes in the modern day, children find it hard to respect authoritative figures however martial arts teaches kids to respect their instructor and each other as they learn the art.

Get Active :  It gets kids away from their screens and off the sofa and encourages them to be more physically active at the same time as having fun.

Teens and Adults

Ages 13 and up

Training for the  World

In our Martial Arts for Adults classes, students learn real life practical applications as well as a system to help them manage the stress that comes along with life’s daily challenges. The classes are designed to be more than just kicking and punching at. Our Teen and Adult Martial Arts classes give students the ability to gain self confidence and improve their physical and mental capacities.

Self-defense is taught in a safe and enjoyable environment while emphasizing the values and practical application of Martial Art skills. In class, students continually practice and improve techniques they are taught along with a strong emphasis on fitness that is appropriately challenging for individuals at any level.

Our Locations

Burbank, CA

Little White Chapel

Monday and Wednesday classes for Dragons, Juniors, and Teen/ Adult

Silver Lake, CA

SIlverlake Community Church 

Tuesday and Thursday Classes for Dragons and Juniors

Extras for You

Martial Arts Notebook

Notebook/ Journal  for  writing notes, ideas, goals and thoughts.

6x9 size paperback

2022 Planner

Dated 2022 Monthly and Weekly Planner.  Keep track of you schedule on a weekly basis.

6x9 size  Paperback or Hard copy

Crystal Willis

Owner/ Instructor

Ms Willis is a 4th degree black belt Certified Instructor. She started Martial arts as an extra curricular activity in collage, and it ended up being her passion. 

"Martial arts is so much more than kicking and punching. Personally its helped me with focus, confidence and of course fitness."

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